Being a member is not merely about donating but it's more about partaking with the noble society.  There are four categories of the Buddhist noble society such as monks (Bhikkhu), nuns (Bhikkhuni), layman (Upasaka), laywoman (Upasika). Those people are who seek the truth. The ABVA highly encourages you to join this spiritual journey. The membership form can be downloaded here.
We will have the yield as we cultivated. Sponsoring the Samatha Vipassana Meditation Centre and contributing towards ABVA programs are direct ways of supporting the noble community who aspire to liberate from all suffering. Facilitating the noble society will overpower ignorance and dispel darkness in life. 

Sponsorship opportunities: 
  • The Kathina ceremony
  • Monthly mortgage payment
  • Resident and visiting monks' expenses
  • Utility expenses
  • Meditation centre maintenance
Generosity (Däna)
Däna is the first step of emancipation. The true practitioner may share a portion of their own plate. Offerings for the noble society are the greatest givings in the world. Longevity (Äyu), complexion (Vanna), comfort (Sukha), strength (Bala) and wisdom (Paññä) (realization) are the direct benefits of generosity, as stated by the Lord Buddha. 

Däna opportunities:
  • Monthly däna for monks
  • Full moon day däna for monks and meditators
  • Sponsoring dhamma sermons
  • Consumables
Volunteering helps overpower the self-centered nature and egoism of the human mind. Having the opportunity to volunteer is as rare as being a born a human. We would gratefully appreciate your dedication on behalf of the noble Sangha.

Volunteer opportunities:
  • Meditation centre events and programs
  • Fundraising activities
  • Media and communication (graphic design, photography, videography)
  • Centre housekeeping