Dhamma School

Giving children a good foundation in the Lord Buddha's teachings will help them better navigate through life. Towards this, the Dhamma School teaches principles and practice of Dhamma to children, from kindergarten up to high school level, age-appropriate lessons in Theravada Buddhism within a comprehensive syllabus.

The Dhamma School is led by the resident monks and taught with the support of a group of volunteer teachers. The school is conducted from 2:00-4:00 PM on the first 4 Sundays of each month. All children, adolescents and youth with parental consent and support are welcome. It is a free service without regard to race, ethnicity, language, culture or religion.

To register, please complete the following online form: 2018/19 Dhamma School Registration Form

Visit the newly designed Dhamma School Web Portal for class schedules, announcements and more details: dhammaschool.abva.org

Student Handbook Video