Pathway Lighting Project

Sixteen wired lampposts will be installed with underground cabling to ensure reliable lighting over the 350m pathway of the AIM Centre throughout all seasons. We will use motion sensors to minimize energy consumption. We will also install several power outlets and bases for flagpoles along the pathway as part of this project to avoid duplication of work in the future. 

The budget items of this project include lampposts, concrete piles, motion sensors, power cables, signal cables, outlets, conduits, and fittings. We will hire professionals to cut the trenches and dig the holes. We plan to do the rest of the work with volunteers to minimize the project cost. If you are able to volunteer, please contact the temple at 780-641-9795 or

This project will cost about $13,500 according to our estimates, resulting in an average cost of $850 per lamppost. We are now accepting sponsorships

Please click on the following link to donate for this meritorious lighting project: 

Tax receipts will be issued for all donations. Full details of costs and revenues of this project will be publicly reported under a separate title in the ABVA Annual Financial Report. Thank you for your generosity.