Rains Retreat (Vassäna) Special Season - 2017

 July - October, 2017.

Vassäna is the most fruitful season for both Monks and Lay practitioners. Having adequate  time, they dedicate the life for true practice. During this period they highly focus on meditation, dhamma discussions, sermons, chanting, offerings etc. Spending time together for numerous wholesome activities, they gain enormous merits and wholesomeness in order to reach the supermundane stages and final liberation of this samsaric journey. 

Sponsor, Vouchsafe and Patronize

Samatha Vipassana Meditation Centre offers a series of special programs during 2017 Vassäna season. You are cordially invited to sponsor these programs and earn great merits. 

Sponsoring is not always about spending money. It is an honourable dedication on behalf of fellow followers. Therefore, we request and encourage you to take a part in this opportunity and help bring forward the other people and let us make a way them to accumulate this great occasion.

Program Schedule

The program schedule is as follows. To sponsor any of these sessions, please submit the details using the form at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

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Current Sponsors

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