Saturday April 28th, 2018  from 10 am to 2 pm
Millwoods Bottle Depot (2830, Parsons Road)

We are looking for volunteers for the followings:
  • Volunteers to drive to collect bottles (we especially need volunteer drivers with pickup trucks or minivans - please volunteer if you can)
  • Volunteer children (age 8 and up preferred) to collect bottles with volunteer drivers (please note that younger children are also welcome with their parents)
  • Volunteers at the bottle depot to collect and sort bottles
  • Sponsor lunch and snacks for the volunteers (please contact Chemindra at 587-990-8437 or Arunajith at 780-405-0163 if you wish to sponsor snacks/lunch)
If you are able to volunteer for this worthy cause, please complete the online form below or contact one of the followings as soon as possible to confirm:
  • Chemindra: 587-990-8437
  • Rushan: 780-217-5204
  • Arunajith: 780-405-0163 
  • Ven. Nanda: 780-641-9795
  • Email: 
We would also like to request all of you to collect recyclables from your homes and friends, and deliver them to the bottle depot (2830, Parsons Road NW) or send them with another volunteer on the day of the bottle drive between 10 am and 2 pmWe encourage everyone to contribute with at least one bagful of bottles. If you wish ABVA to arrange for a pickup, please let us know by Thursday April 26th, we will make arrangements for a volunteer to pick up the bottles from your place.
We thank you in advance for your help in making this fundraiser successful!

Bottle Drive Sign-up Form