Dhamma School (English)
2:00 - 4:00 PM on First Four Sundays of Each Month from January to December Except in July and August
Please visit the Dhamma School page for more details.

A Mindful Kid (English)
8:30 AM - 10:30 AM on 1st Sunday
Childhood is the most flexible time to teach kids the value of life. We may help them grow with compassion, loving- kindness and gratitude for all living beings and things according to the teaching of the Buddha. As adults let’s teach them to avoid evilness and cultivate goodness. Please bring your kids.
Pindapäta (Alms Round)
Once in every other month, announced by email
This is a rare occasion for kids and youth those who grow up in the West. Alms Round is the traditional and the best style of living for the Buddhist monk. Though it's difficult to practice this tradition in today's Western society, we offer an opportunity for Alms Round once in every two months or so for our kids and the youth. This is organized at the SVMC and provides a great way for our younger generation to understand customs of traditional Buddhist society. Offering for monks is a blessing. Let’s offer with kids & youth for our monks in order to teach them generosity and tradition.