Residential Meditation Retreats

Residential meditation retreat is a rare opportunity for those who are willing to spend an adequate time with their own self. We facilitate this opportunity semiannually, typically up to 7 days or so in each iteration. These retreats are based on the Four Foundation of mindfulness (Sathipatthäna). Walking meditation, sitting meditation, sermons and discussions are applied to guide the participant on how to be mindful during their daily activities. This will help the individual to cultivate wholesome thoughts and purify the mind. The retreat is offered in both English and Sinhala mediums. Beginners and seasoned practitioners are welcome.

The Samatha Vipassana Meditation Centre organizes two residential retreats annually, one in Spring and one in Fall. Details of these retreats will be published in this page and will also be communicated by emails periodically. If you would like to receive our communications, please subscribe to our mailing list here:  

Upcoming Retreats

Tranquility Residential Retreat (April 13-17, 2017)

Rundle’s Mission in Pigeon Lake, Alberta

This is the second annual residential retreat, which will be held from April 13th - 17th, 2017 at The Rundle’s Mission in Pigeon Lake, Alberta. The retreat will be based on “Establishing Mindfulness & Developing Vipassana” followed by the Satipatthana Sutta (four foundations of mindfulness). Bhante Suseela & Bhante Nanda will lead the group.

Please note that the location of the retreat has changed this year and to cover the added costs, a retreat fee of $200-$250 per person will be charged. However, please inform us at the time of sign-up if you have difficulty paying the retreat fee and we will make appropriate arrangements for you.

To sign up, please visit this page.

We sincerely hope you can join this excellent opportunity to improve your practice!

Fall Residential Retreat (September 01-04, 2017)

Westlock Meditation Centre, Westlock, Alberta

More information to be announced. Please stay tuned ...