About Alberta Buddhist Vihara Association

The Alberta Buddhist Vihara Association (ABVA) is a registered charitable organization in Alberta. Our objective is to provide the greater Edmonton Community an understanding of Buddhism and its practice, particularly of the Theravada tradition.

Our services are primarily offered through the Samatha-Vipassana Meditation Centre (SVMC), located in South Edmonton. Our program offerings include daily chanting (Buddha Püjä), meditation programs, sutta discussions, kids programs and full moon day retreats. These programs are conducted by resident monks in both English and Sinhala languages.

As a Registered Charitable Association (Reg. No: 89304 3646 RR 0001), ABVA is funded by its membership dues and donations. All donations are Income Tax deductible. Your contributions are the sole source of funding available for our services and long-term plans so your generosity will be deeply appreciated.

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The centre is being relocated.
Please call us before visiting.

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Tel: 780-641-9795
Email: president@abva.org

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