Your generosity is the only source of funding available to support the meditation centre and its programs. Please help us continue these services to you, your children and the community. 
You may donate in any of the following ways:
Sign-up for a Pre-authorized Monthly Donation Plan 
This is the most effective way to provide your support. You may contribute any amount that fits your budget. 
To enroll, please complete this form (http://pad.abva.organd attach a void cheque or a pre-authorized payment information page obtained from your bank. Please email the completed form to

Update Your Current Pre-authorized Monthly Donation Plan 

If you are already making monthly pre-authorized donations and would like to update your monthly donation, please complete this form and email it to

Donate with PayPal 
Sponsor an Event 
You can also sponsor special events. Your sponsorships will be carefully utilized to cover the costs of hall rentals, transportation of monks, honorariums, and other expenses of the event, as per your preference. Sponsorship opportunities are available for: 
  • The Kathina ceremony
  • Vesak, Poson and/or New Year programs
  • Expenses related to needs and wellbeing of venerable monks
  • Monthly mortgage payment
  • Utility expenses
  • Meditation centre maintenance
To sponsor an event, please call us at 780-641-9795 or email us at

All sponsorships and donations are income tax deductible; ABVA will provide you official tax receipts.