Pathway Lighting Project

The pathway lighting system of the AIM Centre was opened by Venerable Maha Sangha on Friday, Nov. 08, 2019. The system has 16 lamp posts arranged into four segments along the 350-meter driveway of the AIM Centre. The lamp segments are controlled by a single-board industrial microcomputer based on inputs captured by a daylight sensor, an online calendar, and a collection of motion sensors placed at strategic locations. This system was custom designed for the AIM Centre to fulfill its needs while minimizing the environmental impact and energy consumption.

The lighting system was designed, built, and installed by volunteers. We appreciate their time, commitment, and hard work. We also thank Aspen Leaf Energy for sponsoring Hydrovac operation.

The cost breakdown of the project is as follows:

Materials: $13,152.22

Permits and inspections: $ 519.36

Bobcat services: $ 262.50

Equipment rental: $ 677.41

Budget for the finish-up work

in the spring: $ 300.00

Total project cost: $14,911.49

Donations received: $16,175.00

Savings directed to the

Building Fund: $ 1,263.51


This project was made possible thanks to the generosity of the following donors.

Anoja Hewapathirane

Bandula and Shirani Samaratunga

Chathura Kariyawasam

Chitra and Jay Withanachchi

Deepthi and Pathma Wedage

Deepthika Juwan Wadu

Herath Senevirathna and Manoja Ekanayake

Indrani Wijayaratne

Kamal and Udayanganie Ranaweera

Kanthie and Sumane Witharane

Kusuma Jalathge

Mahendra and Chandrani Wijayasinghe

Nissanka & Ramani Wijayanayake

Palitha Muhandiramlage and Nishani Abeynayake

Pathaka Jayathilaka

Premarathna and Samitha Herath

Prasanga and Mangala Medagedara

Radha Alwis and Arunajith Mendis

Raja and Pushpa Liyanage

Rani Liyanage and Rameeka Angelo Tissera

Ratnasiri and Sujatha Fernando

Saman and Chandanie Devapura

Samudra Withanachchi

Shawn Samaratunga

Sheran Liyanage and Terry Lynn

Sunil K. Ranasinghe

Thareesh and Mauli Kariyawasam

Once again, we sincerely thank all donors, sponsors, volunteers, and well-wishers. May the Triple Gem Bless you all.