Uposatha Hall Construction

Uposatha Hall

Uposatha Hall is a sacred building dedicated to the Bhikkus to conduct Ordination ceremonies (උපසම්පදා උත්සව) and meet fortnightly to reaffirm the rules of discipline (vinaya karma / විනය කර්ම). 

AIM Centre began the construction of its Uposatha Hall on May 30, 2023 and the work is actively in progress

This facility will be available to all temples in the surrounding area. It will also be available for monthly Sil programs, meditation sessions, and children's Dhamma programs. A part of the building will further be used as a secure storage for items offered to Maha Sangha (පූජා භාණ්ඩ ගබඩාව).  

More info is available in Research Notes on Uposatha Hall

Construction Process

After considering different options and input from the community, we decided to subcontract the main structure of the building to professional trades. A a builder in the neighborhood of the AIM Centre will coordinate these trades and oversee the construction process.

The interior work such as insulation, electrical, drywalling, flooring, finishing , etc. will be available our community to help with. These can be undertaken as a combination of volunteering and paid subcontracts.

Cost and Donation Options

We have received the cost estimates for the main building structure and the most part of the interior work. They are available here and here, respectively, for your review. A detailed breakdown is shown in the spreadsheet embedded below.

The success of this meritorious project heavily depends on your generous donations. We thank donors who already came forward voluntarily to donate and pledge for this project since its inception in summer 2021.

We kindly invite you all to pledge towards any part of this project by submitting the below form. You will receive official tax receipts for all donations.

We would greatly appreciate if your donation is made by April 01. This will help the construction process commenced in April.

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Past Milestones

Building Permit

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Technical Designs

Land Dedication Ceremony