Resident Monks

Bhante Kotawaye Suseela (Abbot)

Venerable Kotawaye Suseela (also known as Bhante Suseela) was born in 1982 in Kotawaya village in the Hambantota District of southern Sri Lanka. At age 13, he renounced home and was ordained as a novice in 1995 at Jayasumanarama Maha Viharaya in Hakmana. Ven. Kotawaye Suseema and Ven. Diviyagaha Gnanananda are his preceptors (teachers). In 2002 he was ordained as Bhikkhu (higher ordained monk).

After completing his basic education, from 2001 he began some social activities with his fellows in Hakmana. He led the society for help to people in poverty. For the sustainability of his social activities he established an organization known as “Dahamdeepa Foundation (DDF)”. During this period they performed numerous dedications for society.

After dedicating himself for several years, Bhante moved to Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, in 2005, and continued further education. While he was in Colombo, he met a great meditation master and started to practice meditation. As a result of long term practice of meditation he was invited to a temple in Cyprus in Europe, Sri Lankaramaya. In 2009 Bhante moved to Cyprus and conducted meditation programs as well as other religious activities.

In 2012, Bhante was invited by a Buddhist organization in Minnesota in the United States of America. He spent a few years with the American Buddhist community in Minnesota and performed services for the Buddhist community of Tennessee as well.

Bhante Makola Nanda

Venerable Makola Nanda (also known as Bhante Nanda) was born in 1985 in Makola village in the Gampaha District of Western Sri Lanka. Bhante Nanda entered the Buddhist order in 2004 as a novice (sämanéra) at age 19 and he received his Higher Ordination (Upasampadä) at Kanduboda Siyane International Insight Meditation Centre, Sri Lanka, in 2006.

Bhante Nanda's preceptor (teacher) is the Maha Kammatthanacharya, the most venerable Inguruwatte Piyananda Maha Thero (Mahä Näyaka of Sri Lanka Sagin Sector). His meditation masters are most venerable Maha Kammatthanacharya, Gampaha Pemasiri Maha Thero, the founder of the Sumatipala Nahimi Senasun Arana, Kanduboda, Sri Lanka, and Kammathanacharya venerable Madawala Upäli Maha Thero, the founder of the Rathmalkanda Meditation Centre, Kithal Ella, ELLA, Sri Lanka.

Bhante Nanda earned his B.A degree in Buddhist Philosophy in 2009 from the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka, a prestigious Asian University for Buddhist Studies. He has served 2 years at the Daham Nikethanaya in Victoria, Australia before coming to Canada.

Bhante Nanda served as the Spiritual Director of the Alberta Buddhist Vihara Association and the Abbot Bhikkhu of the Samatha Vipassana Meditation Centre. He arrived in Edmonton in July 2012 on the invitation of ABVA.

Bhante Welimada Damitha

Reverend Welimada Damitha (known as Bhante Damitha) was born in 1989 in Alawathugoda village in Welimada Badulla District of Sri Lanka. After completing his Secondary School he decided to become a monk. With the permission of his parents, he selected Kanduboda Sumatipala Nahimi Senasun Arana (a meditation centre), Sri Lanka as his residence. After basic monastic practice, he ordained as a novice (Samanera) in 2010 under Reverend Gampaha Pemasiri Maha Thero (the Meditation Master of the monastery). He has undertaken all the training that an ordained Buddhist monk is required to complete from his preceptor.

Bhante Damitha is a well-trained monk who is capable of conducting many Buddhist practices and activities. He has supported many people by guiding them on the path of the Buddha. As a result, he has visited several Asian countries to deliver his knowledge. Considering his knowledge and experience, the Alberta Buddhist Vihara Association has invited him to stay at the Alberta Insight Meditation Centre as a resident monk. Bhante kindly accepted the invitation. Currently, he is residing at AIM Centre with the other two resident monks and supporting its congregation.